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Training & Exercise



The Bay Area UASI Approval Authority approved a one-time reallocation of the regional Training and Exercise (T&E) Program funding for the 2019 calendar year (FY 2018). Funds will be distributed to regional projects and to the hubs for training or other approved projects.

Please be assured that the Bay Area UASI Approval Authority and the UASI Management Team is committed to making our communities more prepared and safe and building capabilities with our public safety agencies. The UASI Approval Authority is committed to a regional multi-year training and exercise program pursuant to grant guidelines. A process to identify the next Regional Training and Exercise Program management structure will be determined by June 2019.

Training & Exercise Program Information & Annoucements (Updated 5/01/2019) 

Through June 30, 2019, if you are interested in a training course, please check the Regional Training and Exercise website ( ) to access further information on course availability.

The Bay Area UASI Regional Training and Exercise Program website will continue to send out automatic notices regarding the registration status of the no cost Consortium Courses training courses scheduled throughout the Bay Area until 06/30/2019. An automatic notice from the  website is a notification that one of the following options is open to you:

1.      The course could have open training spots and be “open” for registration.
2.      If the website indicates a course is “closed”,  it is due to the course being filled to capacity, including the standby list. 
3.      A course may re-“open” and accept registrations should someone unregister and reduce the student count below the course maximums.

Those that are interested in a particular course may wish to check the website periodically.  If you have any questions about course notifications, please reach out to Brian Ballard at for questions or assistance through June 30, 2019.




Training & Exercise Program Overview


Training and exercises provide the means to test, evaluate, and enhance the proficiency of Bay Area first responders prior to a terrorist event or catastrophic disaster.

The prohibitive cost of conducting training and exercises at individual agencies, limited specialized training opportunities, and the need for multi-agency planning are commonly identified challenges to ensuring that first responders are prepared for all emergencies.

The Bay Area’s Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan was developed to address regional goals, build towards and test against target capabilities, and promote, encourage and provide training and exercise opportunities for the emergency response workforce.

CONTACT: Cmdr. Shawn Sexton


Working Group

For more information regarding this working group, please contact the project manager using the link above.